Petronio is an emerging interior design firm, based in Los Angeles, crafting private and commercial spaces for patrons of discerning taste. Informed and inspired by our upbringing in Italy, our studio creates one-of-a-kind luxury interiors for the lover of culture, collectibles, and art.

Our designs conjugate contrasting elements in visionary, albeit consummately elegant assemblages. We bring together Italian and local sentiments to a vast array of architectures, espousing contemporary décor with historical fancies, verve with restraint, disruption with softness, squaring with circularity, stillness with gesture.

Our philosophy springs from ​vivid childhood memories of living in refined Italian interiors marked by an intoxicating continuity between  functional and t ornamental. In keeping with our aesthetic and spiritual birth, we become the curators of our patron’s inspiration tending to each individual sensibility with expansive wholesomeness, and an ethically conscious approach.